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A Modified Mustang Cobra II with "Muscle"

Many modern cars today lack individuality. Often those that do have any kind of character are mimicking an earlier model, but due to today's safety standards, the part designs of the past - such as metal dashboards, rigid steering wheels, chrome bumpers, and sealed beam headlights - can never be truly reproduced in a modern vehicle design. Less padding, too much metal, and bumpers that don't give under impact all had to retire in order to meet the growing safety trends.

Environmental concerns have also had an impact in modern day car designs. Improved exhaust and emission components ensure that there'll be no replicating the loud, revving roar of any early performance engine.

One of my first cars, and in fact, first auto body modification projects, was my used 1976 Ford Mustang II. I was 18 years old and what I really wanted at the time was the sportier Cobra II package. Even though relatively gutless thanks to the first "Energy Crisis", the fancy stripes, snake emblems, front & rear spoilers and simulated hood scoop made it just so cool. 

At age 18, my first auto modification project, a 1976 Mustang II.

Although not completely forgotten, it wasn't until recently that my interest was once again piqued and a long search for a good sound Mustang Cobra II commenced. It turns out that over the last few decades, this car has become increasingly rare and it's proven to be very hard to find a good solid car. So rare are the Mustang Cobra II's that there are only 388 known to be in show condition (119 originals; 109 restored; 160 modified). (See registry stats)

I initially wanted only an original 76 or 77 Cobra II with either the blue or red stripe, as the graphics were simple and not overdone. To my surprise, during my internet research, I came across a very sharp modified '77 Cobra II. Up until this time, I had only seen a couple that I thought worth owning. Most were hacked up jobs. This modified Cobra II had awesome looks and customizations, racing seats, a cool dash, and the interior with roll bar was nice. I loved the 347 stroker, 17" wheels and tires.

I had to see the car in person so a trip to Pennsylvania was in order. It met all my criteria and then some. The attactive body and the custom interior touches all went terrific. It drove amazingly well and the power blew me away. My dream has come true and now I plan to further enhance this rare beauty. A car underrated and underpower when produced in 1977, has a comeback bringing "muscle" to the 70's muscle cars.

Modified 1977 Cobra II Custom dash of a 1977 Cobra II

My Mustang Cobra II was shipped to Oregon in early July. I decided to enter it in the 53rd annual Cruise-In Fly-In car show in Sandy, Oregon just a couple weeks later. This show featured some very nice cars and I was unsure how the judges would respond as this was my first time ever to show a car. And guess what? A modified Mustang Cobra II won Best of Class 73-80 era!

Modifed 77 Cobra II awarded Best of Class 73-80. My modifed 77 Mustang Cobra II awarded "Best of Class 73-80" at the 53rd Cruise-In Fly-In Car Show.

Truly a car that has been long forsaken, a ghost of the Mustang Generation comes back with great impact!

See upcoming posts for videos of this Mustang. 

I'd love to hear about a car you have fond memories of or dream of one day owning. Feel free to share 

posted by Marty on October 3rd, 2010 at 6:36 PM


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