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Choosing an Auto Body Repair Shop

Many car owners do not realize how involved a major auto body repair can be and how important it is that they are selective in the right auto body repair shop to handle the job. Despite subtle, and unethical, pressures from the insurance agency to take the car to an "approved" shop (because they save money in backroom deals), the car owners should take serious thought into who really is going to give their car the care and attention it deserves for a quality repair. Don't be fooled by a production shop that seems to be popular because there are always cars overflowing its doors. This should be your first clue that they're undergoing high pressure to expedite the job and could be cutting corners in order to meet these heavy demands. The vehicles lined up may sit there for days before it's their turn, and then get rushed to completion.

Questions that should be considered are, do the auto body repair technicians all have the knowledge and skills necessary to fix vehicle bodies and various auto parts that are often damaged in collisions and accidents? Or, does the shop employ low waged apprentices or unskilled laborers to handle any part of the work, unsupervised, which could result in serious defects down the road? Is there just one qualified technician that will handle the job thoughout, or, will there be multiple repairmen involved meaning the possible oversight of crucial steps in the repair process? These are very real concerns that should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, it may be a long time after the repair is complete that issues become apparent. At that point, it is likely to be extremely hard, if not impossible, to get the repair shop to make good on the shoddy work.

Do yourself a favor and visit a craftsman auto body repair shop who emphasizes quality rather than speed of delivery. In the end, you'll likely be glad you did.

If you wonder how involved a major repair can be, or, you have a personal interest in auto body collision repair, review my presentation of the general step-by-step process of repairing a damaged vehicle for more insight. Then make your decision - production shop or craftsman shop?


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posted by Marty on November 29th, 2010 at 8:21 PM


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