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Don't Forget That Spare Tire

Experts agree that keeping the correct air pressure in your tires is as important as giving your engine a tune-up. With the right amount of air pressure, your tires wear longer; you save on fuel; enhance handling; and prevent accidents.

Whether you check your tire pressure yourself, or have your auto service provider do so, it is common that your vehicle's four main tires get monitored, while frequently, the spare tires air pressure goes unchecked. Because it is out of sight (often in the trunk of the car), no one really thinks of checking or maintaining their spare tire. Keep in mind that the material of the tire is porous and a loss of air will result over time and, unfortunately, this likely won't be discovered until a time of need.

Getting a flat while you're on the road is, in the least, an inconvenience. But, discovering that your vehicles spare tire is low on pressure can be a disaster. Please don't use a spare tire that doesn't have the proper air pressue. A blow out could result from excessive heat buildup and stress on the sidewalls of the spare. Two flat tires in a day is the last thing anyone needs.

Never neglect the maintenance of your spare tire. Be sure whoever services your vehicle checks all five tires. After all, why carry a spare if it isn't inflated?

posted by Blog Admin on August 25th, 2011 at 4:38 PM


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